What do Lego, Bajaj Irons, and Axe have in common?

20 04 2009

Three completely different companies, different target markets, different…well….everything! Except the fact that they share great ads. Some are old, and some are new, but when you look at them you can’t help but say “Wow! That’s a great ad!” In a world where anything print is suffering, some ads do stand out. Advertisers have to be creative. If they aren’t, then they become lost in the pile of clutter that online communities see every day.

LEGO. We all used to play with it. Building towers, bridges, trying to find the same colors that fit into whatever it is you’re building. It’s a sort of nostalgic toy that makes us feel like kids again. These ads definitely make me want to build something.


How do you advertise an iron? If there’s anyway way to show the power of an iron, here’s how. Whoever thought of this, well done. Very creative.


The Axe effect has been an extremely successful campaign. Simple and creative advertising has lead to their success and has made themĀ a brand to be reckoned with. These two ads are a great addition to their campaign.