Best New Ads

1 04 2009

After spending countless hours browsing the web with no actual purpose, other than the fact that I was just looking for something interesting, I found 3 ads that I really enjoyed. Ads like this should have a humorous context with the message clearly defined.

The first is about Orange Wednesdays, a promotion to get people into the Orange movie theater on Wednesdays in the United Kingdom. The Wicked Witch of the West is the star here, and I love the subtle references to the Wizard of Oz. Watch the Wicked witch of the West below:

The second involves NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. He acts an insurance spokesperson for ankle insurance. He claims that ordinary shoes will make your ankles blow up, and the only solution is the new Zoom Kobe IV shoes. Great ad. This is Nike’s campaign called “Not My Broken Ankles”. Watch the video below and check out the website here.

The final ad is similar to the second one because it also involves a basketball superstar. This time it’s Lebron James. Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer from the Pussycat Dolls, is Lebron’s makeshift girlfriend who gets seduced by him, his afro and his new shoes.  Watch the video below:




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1 04 2009
Best New Ads « The Online World and You

[…] Best New Ads « The Online World and You […]

1 04 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

15 04 2009
Anna Green

Orange Wednesdays, this advert really annoys me, mainly because Its always on and i think its a bit daft. However every time its on i find myself watching it and i have even, at times, considered weather or not i would get use out of such an offer. So by default its an extremely successful advertisement. There are so many adverts that don’t drive their message home, i constantly find myself mesmarised by an advert only to realise after it has finished that I have no idea what it was selling.

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