The Future is at the tip of your fingers…literally

28 03 2009

When we all think of where the tech industry is headed, some may say “I don’t know”, and others may respond with an example. Well here is one for you. Its called the Sixth Sense (no, it has nothing to do with the movie). Still in its early stages, this product has a small camera with a projector. It works by the camera following colored finger caps, similar to a thimble, and an image is projected on any surface based on the movement or placement of the user’s fingers. Take a picture, phone a friend, do whatever you want with this necklace-like device. Just wait for the standing O at the end.
Click the link below and prepare to be AMAZED!

The Sixth Sense




2 responses

18 05 2009
Anna Green

This is amazing, and i can actually see it having worth and being used, if it is as user friendly as it appears. If the projector is clear in all light conditions and you don’t have to contort yourself in to strange positions to get it to pick up your gestures. I imagine its a long way off yet. Still very cleaver and extremely innovative.

28 04 2017
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